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Glorious Hope Publishing is a self-publishing, Christian- based, family-owned and operated business. We have made our primary focus the Christian youth. Our motto is "“Books That Keep The Reader Engaged". After years of research into the Christian book market we have discovered that there is a significant void of quality books that are geared toward the youth that keep the reader’s attention, that are fun to read and teach biblical truth. We have made it one of our main goals to appeal to this reading weary audience. Our books are written in short paragraphs and are loaded with references from pop culture, movies, music artists and personal illustrations that make the reading enjoyable.

The name of our company is derived from a lay ministry the Lord gave my wife called "Glorious Hope". Born in Colombia, South America, Damaris Gonzalez Mitchell has served the Lord since she was 7 years old when she was called to preach and teach His Word. Damaris has preached in many congregations both in English and Spanish in the United States and is also available for speaking engagements. She has also been on mission trips to El Savaldor, Chile, and Costa Rica and was used both as an evangelist, parish nurse (RN), and translator. She also was the founder of a youth group called "Teens for Jesus". It was a group that met weekly for over 9 years to learn the Word of God and to disciple the teens for leadership. She is a constant source of inspiration, encouragement, and support.

More From Pastor Steve...

Pastor Stephen J. Mitchell is currently the Youth/Associate pastor of the Trinity Bible Church located in Severna Park, MD. It is a nondenominational church nestled outside Annapolis and in between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Pastor Steve graduated from Valley Forge Christian College with a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries.

He leads a weekly youth ministry called, "The Refuge", which seeks to create a comfortable, loving, and accepting environment where teens can be themselves and learn the Bible. The refuge has grown from 4-5 kids to a weekly turnout of up to 50 kids in a little over 2 years. Today's Christian youth are not being properly equipped with biblical truth. The author feels it is his primary pastoral focus to interconnect the Bible with today's teenage world of struggles and pressures. Pastor Steve currently resides in Severna Park, Maryland with his beautiful wife, Cass.

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