War With The World: The College Battlefield
By: Pastor Stephen J. Mitchell

book cover

Almost 2 years following his successful effort at arming today's teens to withstand the pressures and temptations of today's world in his first book, War With The World: The Teenage Battlefield, Pastor Steve returns with a follow up, this time, warning Christians entering college that they are not only entering a campus, but a spiritual battlefield. Usually getting ready for college involves buying things for the dorm room, getting student loans, buying expensive textbooks, moving away from your parents, and all that is familiar to completely redefine what's normal. But while getting ready to move into the dorms, enter classes and make new friends is obviously important, do Christians entering college even stop to think of preparing spiritually? In his new book, War with the World: The College Battlefield, Pastor Steve seeks to warn and prepare Christians on campus of the moral and intellectual challenges that will attack their faith, which most never even see coming.

The reality is that most professing Christians, who emerge from secular and Christian colleges, come out with a degree, but without Jesus Christ in their lives. What causes college to have so much potential to cause so much spiritual damage? Is it because today's average American college is predominately liberal? Or is it because there are more opportunities to dive into the world's temptations than at any other time in your life? Could it be because of the endless list of academic and social college distractions? Why do so many Christians fail to stay Christian in their beliefs and lifestyle after years of college? Pastor Steve believes it's because most Christian youth had a shallow faith to begin with, based largely on emotional highs rather than a real relationship with Jesus and lacking a thorough understanding of what Christianity is about, much less reasons why to believe it.

In this easy to read, heavily engaging spiritual manifesto, Pastor Steve seeks to not only make students aware of the nature of the spiritual war that awaits them, but rather to help arm them to know how to remain standing in their faith and convictions when the dust settles and graduation comes. With a combination of Scripture, pop culture, facts, illustrations and Pastor Steve's writing style, your attention will not diminish throughout the pages and chapters of this book. The reader will be engaged from beginning to end, for this book is not one that talks at college students, but rather talks to them, and encourages them to remain standing strong in their faith.

If you are a college student who cares about remaining strong in your Christianity, you won't be able to put this book down. If you have a family member in college, get him/her this much needed, easy-to-read tool that is just as important as any class textbook that you'll end up spending a lot more for.

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