July 2011 - Glorious Hope Publishing Has Awesome Creationfest!!

Glorious Hope Publishing is back from our second trip to the amazing Creationfest Northeast event that took place on June 29 - July 2 in Mt Union, Pa. The weather was fabulous and the trip was a huge success for us. We sold many books, both teenage and college, as well as posters of the eye-catching book covers. The defining moment for us was listening to the testimonies of several who bought the teenage book last year and how much it has helped their Christian walk. It reminds us that the mission and purpose of these books is to inspire, encourage and teach biblical truths, while making the reading fun and enjoyable. Mission accomplished. One youth said he had read the book 4 times and yet another called Pastor Steve a "genius" for his writing style. We also had a youth leader in his late 40's who had bought 2 books for his church come back to the booth a day later after reading some of the book to thank Pastor Steve for writing such a helpful resource and said, "This book is not only for teens". We thank all the people who helped us throughout the event and look forward to a third Creationfest in 2012.

Pastor Steve with founder of Creation Harry Thomas Pastor Steve and father Pastor steve talking with customer
Pastor Steve and Pastor Harry Thomas (founder of Creation)Pastor Steve with his father Pastor Steve talking with customer
Pastor Steve with one of the youth
Pastor Steve with one of the youth

June 2011 - Pastor Steve has Booksigning at Family Christian Bookstore in Annapolis, MD

Pastor Steve was welcomed into the Family Christian Bookstore in Annapolis, MD for a book signing event that took place on Saturday June 4, 2011. The event went very well and many books, both The Teenage Battlefield and The College Battlefield, were sold in approximately two hours of time. We are grateful to the Lord for this opportunity and are hopeful for more opportunities like this in the future. We were told that the Family Christian Bookstore would invite us back again perhaps in late August of this year. We are also thankful to all those folks who purchased books.

Pastor Steve and father at signing table poster of book signing Pastor Steve and mother at signing table
Pastor Steve and father at signing tablePoster of Book Signing Event Pastor Steve and mother at signing table
In Front of Family Christian Store Pastor Steve signing a customer's book Pastor Steve with the Youth
In Front of Family Christian Store Pastor Steve signing a customer's bookPastor Steve with the Youth
Pastor Steve with the Youth
Pastor Steve with the Youth

February 2011 - Published Authors Flourish In The Park

author and wife holding 'College Battlefield'
Steve and Cassandra Mitchell pose with a copy of Pastor Steve's new book 'The College Battlefield'. Photo by John Singleton

Describing a harrowing journey of an existential nature, Youth Pastor Stephen J. Mitchell wrote "The College Battlefield," a manifesto aimed at preparing teenagers for the spiritual tests they will face in college. From Ferris Buehler to the Wizard of Oz to I Am Legend, Mitchell tackles drinking, drugs, sex and skipping class using pop-culture iconography to frame moral dilemmas and capture the attention of young readers.

"From the moment my school guidance counselor called me in to start thinking about colleges, I started freaking out," added Mitchell, who works at Trinity Bible Church in Severna Park. "College has the potential to be the best years of your life. My book prepares students for the temptations, pressures and intellectual attacks that begin shortly after their families drop them off." Mitchell's book includes much research, taking readers back to 1636 when America's first universities were formed. At Harvard, students were required to study the Old and New Testament; Princeton's original purpose was to educate from a Christian worldview; and Yale's charter was to train its students in the Word of God. The author makes it clear many American universities have strayed far from their roots.

"We don't have to be alone. We don't have to isolate ourselves spiritually when we go off to college," summarized Pastor Steve, who makes his home with wife Cassandra in Severna Park. "Find yourself a Christian college group that meets regularly, join a strong Bible believing Church, and stay connected with the true source of your identity - Jesus Christ," he concluded. To order a copy of one of Steve Mitchell's books, visit

February 2011 - Pastor Steve Does Local Radio Interview

Pastor Steve getting ready to interview Pastor Steve interviewing Pastor Steve after interview

January 2011 - Glorious Hope Publishing Releases War With The World: The College Battlefield

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June 2010 - Creation Northeast Festival

book signing at booth booth with team jam session at booth
Pastor Steve signs a copy of the book!Working the booth was a team effort!Jamming with Rodney and Cass!
second book signing meeting teen
Pastor Steve signs another book! Pastor Steve connects with teen one on one!!

Glorious Hope Publishing is back from Creation Northeast and we have nothing but positive news to report. We sold many books to many different age groups including: teens, parents, grandparents, pastors (both youth and senior), youth leaders, and a principal from a Christian high school. The 4 day event was amazing and the weather could not have been nicer. The festival featured many awesome bands and speakers that touched many hearts and souls.

There were many gratifying moments throughout the event including several of the teens and parents who bought books for their teens coming back to the vendor booth to express how much they were enjoying the book. Perhaps the most gratifying moment was when one of the teenagers was allowed to buy 1 item in the entire festival (as you can imagine there are hundreds of vendors selling cool T-shirts, jewelry, music and many other Christian items) and chose our book. We made many friends with the organizers of the festival, other vendors, and brothers and sisters in Christ. We cannot wait to go next year as this will soon become a Glorious Hope Publishing tradition.

Lastly, on another extremely positive note. Glorious Hope Publishing now has our first release available at the Agape Farm Retreat Center's bookstore for sale. We must mention that the Agape folks who manage, operate and organize events of this magnitude are truly remarkable and very loving people.

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