Glorious Hope Publishing will only consider projects that communicate a biblical Christian message, whether your project comes in the form of devotional, inspirational, fiction, non-fiction or poetry.

We market all our books aggressively through several major media and online retailers including and Google Books. Glorious Hope is also currently affiliated with Some of the other marketing tools we use are press releases, emailers, direct mail, facebook ads, music festivals and other promotional events. Most publishers will not continue to market your book if it does not sell immediately. Glorious Hope takes a personal interest in every book we publish and will market it for years and years after it is in print regardless of the sales record of the book because we believe Glorious Hope Publishing is more a ministry than a publishing company.

We offer a comprehensive publishing package that includes the following:

  • ISBN number and bar code
  • professional editing/typesetting
  • special book cover design
  • press release
  • listings on our website, & Google Books
  • 5 free books
  • royalties (up to 50% after expenses are reimbursed to GHP)
  • aggressive marketing

We offer this complete package for a one time charge of $2,995.00. The entire process can take between 3-6 months. What separates us from the many publishers is our personal interest and aggressive marketing approach to help reach the targeted audience for your project.

Unfortunately, due to the many projects underway at GHP we are currently not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time. Please feel free to contact us through email at a later date to see if we can accommodate you with your publishing needs.

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