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"Thought Provoking and Practical" - December 12, 2009

Pastor Stephen Mitchell's book is one that gets right to the heart of what today's youth have to deal with. They often have so many questions as to what life holds both now and in the future. Not only that but they go through stages where they may doubt their faith and who they are in Christ. Yet what this book does is provide inspiration and tools for them to see what can be done as they go on their journey of coming to know Christ more. Not only that but it provides for them an easy to understand steps to get to where they need to be in Him. Overall this book does not beat around the bush it gets right to the point in an encouraging and inspirational way that will tug at the heartstrings of all who may read this book. Keep on impacting the lives of teens Pastor Stephen Mitchell the world could use more people like you who yearn for teens to have an outlet where they can be people who will learn and grow to become more like Christ in a crazy world.


"War With The World: The Teenage Battlefield is a life changing book! It definitely changed my life miraculously. I think it will change and improve many teenagers outlook on their lives. And it will help them create a real relationship/friendship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Steve words everything in a way that shows he truly understands what it's like to be a teenager in today's world, and the many obstacles we have to face and overcome. He uses real life situations that help you understand. After reading this book, I felt like I could overcome and take on anything that came my way. This book showed me how important Jesus is and how important it is to always keep him in your heart. My relationship with Jesus is incredible now, because of Pastor Steve's book. It touched my heart. I literally could not put the book down! I hope it does the same for everyone else who reads it. Honestly, this was the best book I have ever read!! It had a huge impact on my life. Jesus should always be #1 in your heart. This book was phenomenal-read it and you will see for yourself!"

-Jamie- 16

"War With The World: The Teenage Battlefield is an awesome book. I strongly recommend it for anyone that is new to and or curious about the Christian faith and what Jesus Christ wants for their lives. The book takes many real life challenges we teenagers face today and connects them to the Bible and presents solutions to each of them: God. Some things included in the book are drug use, premarital sex, and many more. I, again, strongly recommend this for anyone with even a spark of wanting to know Jesus. It's a life saver! PS. Go Ever Falter!"

-Mickey- 16

"Never before have I read a book that read me so well...Every topic in every chapter is something I needed to hear. It's so specific, yet absolutely universal to everyone. Teenagers need this book!"

-Andrew- 16

"This book is like no other teen book I have ever read. Anyone can relate to the topics written in the book to their own life. I know I have! It's helped me be more confident of myself and of my walk with God."

-Carli- 16


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