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Recent College Graduates

"War With the World: The College Battlefield is a book that has the potential to change a person's spiritual viewpoint towards their entire college experience. Steve Mitchell speaks with the experience and wisdom of someone who has been through the college experience himself and powerfully understands the spiritual warfare that young Christians are being sent to fight. As a UCSB alumni myself, I went into college knowing it was secular and that there would be spiritual challenges, but I was not prepared for the extent of the animosity students, teacher's assistants, and especially professors would have for anything but the most superficial forms of Christianity. As someone who spent four years in college attending church sporadically, praying less, becoming more comfortable with sin, and generally drawing away from God, WWTW: The College Battlefield could have been a beacon of light in an otherwise dark period of my faith. I personally recommend that every Christian who is considering college or is already in college to give this a read... I believe The College Battlefield should be a keystone piece in the arsenal of books handed out by Christian organizations at college campuses."

-Kate Erickson - University of California at Santa Barbara Alumni - Santa Barbara, California - 2009

"As someone who's been out of college only a few years (and therefore still remembers the associated challenges that came with it), Pastor Stephen Mitchell's War with the World: The College Battlefield struck many strong chords with me. The book is a great read, filled with humor and candid insights and stuffed with pop cultural references, the types of things that let you know right off that Pastor Steve is someone who sees it from where you stand. What really rings loudly, though, is Pastor Steve's heart, which is full of compassion and hope for those on the threshold of facing life's difficulties, challenges, and temptations as they transition from their adolescent routines to college life, a world where accountability is slim, moral integrity is ridiculed, and skepticism toward Truth is fostered."

-Justin Mertz - Valley Forge Christian College Alumni - Phoenixville, Pennsylvania - 2007

"College is like a black ops war; all of a sudden you are being gunned down while you are caught off guard and out of ammo. Being an alumnus of both a Christian and secular college, I have seen both types of battles. They are different, but foundationally the same. Your faith is not encouraged. You do not get the support or the shelter that high school affords. You are challenged and cut down with so little to build you back up, to give you reinforcements. That's where War with the World: The College Battlefield comes into play. This book is the type of encouragement and reinforcement I wish I had in my survival pack for college. While I faltered in several of the areas that this book addresses, if I had the support The College Battlefield affords, I would have remembered the values I had when I first entered into the college bubble, and then remembered when I left it."

-Katelyn McNally - Susquehanna University Alumni - Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania - 2010

"The College Battlefield warns soon to be college students and encourages current college student in a language that put the spiritual dangers of the college experience in stark reality. To survive your college years intact, a college student must not only be aware of  those obvious dangers like drinking and pre-marital sex at a "party school", but also the more subtle traps laid out in both secular and Christian universities. This book reveals those traps and shows how to avoid them while providing encouragement all in a style which uses the timeless truth of God's word with current examples to lay bare their relevance in colleges today. As a recent college grad from a secular college, I had expected that if I just skirted away from those obvious dangers that the spiritual attack on my faith and walk with God would be little more than it had been during high school. The reality was that if I hadn't found the Christian community I plugged into I would have floundered.  But instead, by God's grace, after several unsuccessful church and ministry searches, I landed with a solid group of Christians passionate for Christ which infused light back into my walk with God and my daily life so drastically that even my non-Christian friends were relieved for me when they saw the joy return in my life and encouraged my involvement in my church. I was one of the fortunate few that can say my final years in college left me on fire for God and disenchanted with the worldly glory and wisdom of today's collegiate world."

-Anastasia Bower - University of Florida Alumni-Gainesville, Florida- 2010

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